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Iochii Meshel
Iochii Meshel
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Yitzpor Stream, Gilboa, and Kibbutzim Stream
Let there be no dews/ Nor rain upon you… (Samuel II, 1: 21) these were the words of King David when he had mourned the d...
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Viscum Cruciatum

Genus:  Viscum
Species:  Cruciatum
Family:  Loranthaceae
Distrebution:  Hermon & Golan Hights, Upper & West Galilee , Lower Galilee & Gilboa , Mnt Carmel & Hasharon, Coast Line, Samaria, Judean Mountains, Jerusalem
Flower Color: Green Protected Flower: No Life Form: Chamaephyte
Blooming Per Month:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

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דבקון הזית
Viscum Cruciatum

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Viscum Cruciatum
Viscum Cruciatum

Photo By: ליאור אלמגור -
Viscum Cruciatum