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Zackeria Ha'Levi
Zackeria Ha'Levi
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Me'arat Keshset and Me'arat Namer
Upper & West Galilee
Me'arat Keshset and Me'arat Namer
Two caves which are in close proximity but in huge dissimilarity. Kevish Hatsafon (Route 899) takes us to a unique and m...
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Shivta – a Nabatean City in the Heart of the Deser

Duration:  Half a Day
Difficulty:  Easy, 2 Km
Seasons:  Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter
Topographic Map Number:  16 - Negev Desert Hights
Properties:  Round Trip, Suitable for Bicycle, For Families, Romantic
Coordinates:  (164367, 532480) / (34.6284, 30.8819)
Rating:  9
Updated at:  21/4/2012
Region:  Northen Negev (Desert)
Regional Map Northen Negev  (Desert)
Topographic Map Topographic Map

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